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    Jul 20, 2015
    Hello guys, I am Daniel Tejeda and today I am going to show you my latest game; Nomophobia.

    Introducing Nomophobia, the latest revolutionary puzzle application designed with the ironic purpose of acknowledge people about the potential disadvantages of
    spending too much time on looking at a screen while ignoring matters of possibly higher importance of one's surroundings. Experiencing the game contents guarantees the user adventing this realization.

    With an endless set of levels of an educational and straightforward gaming system, Nomophobia offers the user not only a life-improving and motivational
    program but a healthy and mind-nourishing way of entertainment.

    Enjoy all of the following features:

    -Unending arrangement of levels/scenarios.

    -Automatized stage generator with ascending difficulty.

    -Sliding text bar depicting humorous and witty phrases.

    -Custom color backgrounds.

    Watch the tutorial :)

    Download it!

    Thanks for reading :):)

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