Nomad Games upto old tricks

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by eugenemcardle, Dec 7, 2019.

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    Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal has been updated and renamed Death Ttrap Dungeon. The connection to Ashmodee has been cut. Owners of the game are unable to update to the latest version without repurchasing. I remember the fiasco with Talisman Digital. Here we go again.
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    i could update it without any issues, but i’ve lost all my game progression... we are almost in 2020 and still have this stupid problems when apps are updated???
    and why this games like FF/Talisman/etc come and go between Nomad and Asmodee??? WTF, is it a joke!??!
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    Not sure what you mean, I’ve not enjoyed the publisher moves Nomad and Asmodee have done, but I can download the update - what did you have to repurchase?

    Maybe I can download as I have the old Nomad version and never moved across if Asmodee published a new one?

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