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    Hello everyone! I have just released my new iOS app called Nodeverse, which is a super-easy and powerful mind mapping tool. Please give it a try. Also, I would like to mention that this app was developed by a one-man team. I am currently looking for ways to raise awareness of my app. If you're a journalist or a YouTuber and you would like to review my app, feel free to email me at: I am also open to any suggestions and promise to read your feedback very carefully.

    Youtube Trailer:

    Platforms: iOS;
    Runs on all the devices that support iOS 11 and above.

    App Store link:


    Nodeverse allows you to think more effectively by visualizing your thoughts with structures called nodes. Always stay focused on your current plans and ideas with the ability to control the sequence of your thoughts and the ability to add texts, stickers, images, videos and audio recordings to your projects. Nodeverse gives users complete freedom to create their scenes in a way that they wish. No need to follow patterns! If you want to use pre-defined templates, then there is a function in our app called Data Structures, which allows you to store thoughts and information in highly organized structures.
    Nodes. What are they?
    Nodes are logical structures that allow you to store five different types of information: text data, images, videos, stickers, and audio recordings. Nodes have names, they can be connected in order to create sequences of ideas, and they also can be sorted by users and categories.
    About Special Nodes:
    Special nodes allow you to set timers, create pointer arrows and select their rotation angles, show that you like something, or something is your favorite. They also allow you to create image-specific nodes.

    Absolute Freedom of actions will support your thinking.
    There is no need to follow patterns in Nodeverse. At its core, it’s a sandbox. You can place your structures anywhere and still be able to connect them! Just tell the app which connections you want to make and Artificial Intelligence will be glad to do it for you! Don’t worry, it is aimed at making accurate and visually stunning connections by trying to avoid intersections when possible!

    Space is yours, now it’s time to create! Nodeverse is largely inspired by the space theme, which adds even more opportunities for expressing your ideas, for example - planetary systems.
    Data Structures. Why do we need them?
    Data Structures are very useful for users who wish to keep their ideas in highly organized, pre-defined structures. Data Structures can easily change in size, design, and can store texts and images. In total there are 9 types of Data Structures:
    Tree, Binary Tree, List, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Dictionary, To-Do List and Family Tree.

    Few ways you can use Data Structures:
    Create and modify Family Trees
    Create ToDo Lists to plan your activities for the day.

    There are over 50 cool features in total!

    Feel free to leave comments or to contact me at
    Thank you!

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