No Nonsense Competition Sale: Cub and Mag --> Free

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    Feb 13, 2012
    No ads, no inApps - Just high voltage fun.

    *Open Challenge* : Can you finish all 60 levels with 3 lemon squashes?

    If you can, post your screenshots on TA, send us the link, and you will be eligible to win FREE Cub and Mag Back packs, T-Shirts and Caps with your name and a surprise title*.

    Cub and Mag (iOS) is free to download for this weekend only.

    iTunes Download Link -

    * No CONDITIONS APPLY :) . All you have to do is play, have fun, take screenshots and post it on TA to become eligible. Include your name in the post (as it appears in iTunes Cub and Mag Customer review) so that we are sure it is genuine.

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