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    Aug 28, 2010

    Tell me something? If you bought a new home that happened to be situated in a muddy yard and area – would you just walk in – mud on your feet – without either taking off your footwear - or making sure they were clean so you wouldn’t track it all over the carpet? Of course you wouldn’t. Then seriously and realistically – why would you spend from $500.00 to 900.00 of a new iPad – the legend in its own time; something you love 73.6% more than your mate – only to paw it to tears - with your filthy rotten hands?

    I mean – really. Must I say – “Stop and think about it?” Does it take hearing that – to get you to open your eyes to the fact – it literally makes NO SENSE at all – to have such a beautiful device – something you use more often than you brush your teeth – only to muck up its face???? Especially when you not only have THE alternative – but one that has multiple bonuses for you – the user of the iPad.

    My neighbor has an iPad. Upon seeing the STYLUS-R-Us 12” iWand – he gasp and said – “Wow! Kinda long isn’t it?” Being a friend – I gave him his choice of colors (he took aluminum) to try for one week – telling him that the end of the week – I wanted it back. At the end of the seven days – he smiled and said – “Okay….okay…how much do you want for it?” Returning the smile – I told him it was his as a gift. He went on to say - he had no idea how he used fingers - since day two of the iPad coming out - and there was no way he could go back to fingers again.

    Listen: This is NO SALES PITCH!!! This isn’t to make more money! This is one iPad owner – wanting to pass on THE most important option for your iPad you could ever get. Whether it’s the Rogers iWand (9”) - or our 12” iWand – hey? You just do not have any idea - how much CLEANER your screen will REWMAIN. You have no idea how many times faster you can navigate - text - email - flip pages and play games. You have no idea how much MORE FUN your iPad or iPhone will be – using one of our stylus. Do the math! Watch the YOUTUBE video on this web site – and see how easily it activates anything it lands on.

    There is NO DOWNWARD PRESSURE required. It’s the next closest thing to “hovering” over an icon – and it opens. Not quite – but close to it. Check out the web site and read the reviews. You just have no idea what you’re missing - and you will kick your own overly large butt – for not getting one of these styluses before this. beststylus.com

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