NO Game! iOS 8 Extension 'Slated - Translation Keyboard' (Universal) $4.99 => Free

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    App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.

    Free for the first time! Extensive Review by a language teacher, short excerpt:

    All those reviews are from Nov.—the app was updated in Dec. I didn't test the app personally.

    **** **** **** ****

    Some more recommended non-game freebies—all tested premium Universal Apps (if not there is a note): (normally $2.99) transfer text with camera only (QR code) (normally $4.99–$14.99) simple but robust calculator for iPad only tiny planet effect for photo & video (normally $1.99) (normally $4.99) weather app iPhone only (normally $1.99) iPhone only (normally $1.99)

    Usually those sales of non-games apps are very short. Shorter than games sales. So don't hesitate too long!

    Okay ;-) Two games or three: not only for toddlers (normally $2.99) catch the golden coins, hardcore & fast (IAPs) (non-intrusive ads) (non-intrusive ads) don't miss that, folks! iPhone only, tested on iPad Air 2, non-intrusive ads (Weblock works), read the instructions—a double has to be the last shot (if not: boosted!)

    And from the last year's Apple 12 Days Gifts Event that didn't happen this year for the first time (since six years or so): (generously 27 levels free, IAPs) (IAPs; nightc1: "Nothing really bad at all… For two more stars and the 4th level unlocked. So no shenanigans with the IAP") – Excellent!
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    Jun 21, 2009
    For those people not familiar with these "keyboards" - recognize that you when you set them up you are sending information to the company. It may or not collect it, but EVERY KEYSTROKE is being sent to the third party who may or may not be honest - all PASSWORDS, CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, etc, etc. are being sent regardless of whether you are using the service.
    I am probably a bit over paranoid, but I specifically avoid all these keyboards due to this. The only way to get around it is install, uninstall, install as you need the services.
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    This will be pointed out perfectly on installing the keyboard in the iOS settings. Apple provides a link to a support document with five paragraphs when you try to install a third party keyboard.


    The dev of Slated expresses in his help file (inside the app):

    Okay. But you could say they transmit your keystrokes to Google. It's mentioned several times in the main app description that Slated is powered by Google Translate.

    This is valid for ALL instant translation apps (there are hundreds in the software stores, even vocal only) as well as Google Translate and Google Search and all instant messenger apps (except Apple Messages maybe with the original Apple keyboard or Siri).

    Good idea. And thanks for the additional heads up. I'd say it's technically interesting to have something like Slated when you need it. And when you're using Slated or Google or Android: No matter how paranoid you are, you aren't paranoid enough. :eek:
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    Thanks for the recommendations, Habakuk!
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    May 12, 2011
    Try installing a third party keyboard and go to a website where you have to enter your password. The keyboard will change back to Apple default keyboard whenever the "password" needs to be entered. Rest all information can be shared with third party keyboards. Isn't our life that social enough that we post everything on social sites but when it comes to keyboards we are paranoid.

    Example: I tried login to Gmail via Safari. Notice when I enter my email address, the keyboard is the third party one which is shared above.


    But when I enter the password field, it goes back to Apple keyboard even though I'm only using the third party keyboard. Same goes with all confidential information. All these third party keyboards can track everything we type except not our passwords etc. I think Apple implemented this for the paranoid peoples. :D

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    Nice. Interesting finding, ronit! Thanks for sharing. I tried installing a third party keyboard (SwiftKey afair; deleted soon) when I got iOS 8 but I couldn't witness this behaviour as described in your posting.

    And does it switch back again from the iOS standard keyboard to Slated when you're done with the password (or any confidential input)? In the same fully automatic way? Thx in advance for any information.

    Okay. Paranoid or not: Don't try to translate your passwords or fingerprints. :D Don't trust in Google, Android and in your internet service provider.

    You're welcome, hvianna! Here you have some more: ♬ iPad, normally $4.99 (not confirmed), published some hours ago, launch sale Universal, was $3.99 before, a pdf form app NOT an iOS 8 extension, has it's own keyboard & editor for special characters normally $5.99 pretty watch free for the first time normally $1.99

    …And ONE game :)
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    May 12, 2011
    Yes. Try with any other keyboard. I have used Swiftkey, Flesky, Gif keyboard and many others including the one you posted. I think this is default behavior with third party keyboards. Heck people were complaining why the keyboard changes back to default while entering password on Apple forum. lol

    They don't realize how important this small nifty trick Apple did to safeguard consumers.
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    Quite a nifty app.. thanks for the post
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    Absolutely. So it seems to be pretty safe using third party keyboards. But never switch off your brain completely on those security and privacy questions.

    Just for the records: This behaviour needs an installation (of the third party keyboard) with the special feature "Full Access" activated?!

    Are there other occasions where Apple's "confidential detector" (keyboard switcher) chimes in? Email and other (street…) addresses, plates, account details, urls of nude celebrity photos… I'm assuming that there has to be some kind of a form (input fields).

    I couldn't find any official documentation about that nifty little trick. There is a pretty long (five paragraphs) support document (inside iOS settings app behind a hyperlink only) with tons of warnings on activating and using a third party keyboard BUT not ONE word on that smart automatic keyboard switcher. Even the keyboard manufacturers don't mention this in their FAQs.

    Thanks once more for all those precious informations! Yes. Sometimes you have to visit a games forum to get them. ;-)

    Some more recommended apps: highly rated iphone photo editor was $2.99 before audio recorder iPad only normally $6.99 iPhone thought-through tap counter iPhone card reader new playful photo editor normally $1.99

    And ONE game: iPad only (have the iPhone version in the tread's OP with some remarks) non-intrusive ads (the iPhone version works definitely better here on iPad Air 2; let's hope for an update of the iPad version) was $2.99 before
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    I think it only happens on fields designated as password. It's enforced by iOS, not just default.

    Should happen for any keyboard, full access or not.

    I think full access equates to network access; otherwise it can't perform completion queries, etc. I have no idea if a keyboard without full access can cache info to send in case it's turned on later.
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    The sale of the app in the OP is over. But there is another similar one free right now—and this is even better rated in the U.S. store than Slated (not tested personally): ($1.99 before)

    Some more non-games apps (three galleries first)—all FREE sales: (iPad) (iPhone, normally $1.99) (iPhone) (iPad) (normally $4.99, IAPs for profs) (iPhone, IAP, permanently free) (iPad, create animated GIF loops)

    Some games not mentioned in the subforum: (for toddlers, normally $3.99) (iPad) (iPad) (IAPs, ads)
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