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    May 9, 2011
    Finally released both iPhone and iPad versions of my new game NIYA: Memory Challenge. I posted some promo codes in the promocode section if anyone is interested. Below are the details as well as a link to game-play video;

    iPhone Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/niya-memory-challenge-hd/id557766182?mt=8

    iPad Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/niya-memory-challenge/id557622986?mt=8

    Game-Play Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvkBVipcsws


    How good is your memory?

    NIYA: Memory Challenge is an entertaining game that will help you strengthen your memory.

    Goal of the game is to memorize your path during given time and when it's time, go from start to finish without touching the red circles.

    You are also given various inventory items to help you navigate to finish line. Play more and earn NIYA Bucks. Using the NIYA Bucks you will be able to add on the inventory items.


    How do you play?
    - Using the arrow pad located on the right lower hand side, your goal is to navigate from start circle to finish circle without bumping into red circles. You have certain amount of time to find yourself a good path and once time is up, you will be on your way to finding finish circle.

    What is Bonus Spinner?
    - Located at each level is a purple circle that will let you get a bonus spin at the end of the level. When you get the bonus circle, the bonus spin indicator will light on.

    How much time is given to memorize each level?
    - Easy levels 5 seconds
    Normal Levels 7 seconds
    Hard Levels 10 seconds.

    How many levels are there?
    - 10 Easy Levels, 25 Normal Levels and 41 Hard Levels = 76 Levels Total

    How does the teleport circle work?
    - At some levels you will need to use the teleport circle to get out of a blocked situation. Since where the teleport takes you is unknown, your job is to memorize the board really good :) or use one of the inventory items to help you navigate.

    What is attempt multiplier?
    - Each attempt for a failed level will raise the level attempt counter. When you pass the levels you will get percentage of points based on your attempt. More tries it takes you to finish one level also means earning less points and NIYA Bucks for that level.

    Please visit http://MelonTruck.com for more of my independent games.

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