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Stealthy ninja action and RPG elements come tog…
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*** Ninja Ultimate is the Featured Free App on ***
Stealthy ninja action and RPG elements come together in Ninja Ultimate! Download this enthralling action adventure today to brandish an array of lethal ninja weapons and begin eliminating all enemies that stand in your path through unlimited levels of classic side-scrolling arcade style excitement.

Media Reviews:

“I found this game to be super addictive. I liked the graphics and the game play itself was really smooth.”

“Ninja action along with RPG components are united in this addictive game.”

“The graphics are attractive, the game controls smooth, and the game play interesting. What more reasons do you need to play this game?”

“The controls run smoothly, and the games pace is spot on.”

“Once a player gets into the game and starts playing, it’s hard to put down, making it a solid entry into the expanding mobile game industry.”

The player has one central goal in Ninja Ultimate, defeat enough enemies within an allotted time at every stage in order to move on to new and more challenging levels. Developed on the principles of side-scrolling action games and interspersed with classic turn-based RPG elements Ninja Ultimate keeps things simple and straight forward. The user moves left and right through an atmospheric two-dimensional environment and relies on well timed attacks and Ninjutsu -- the game’s array of unique magic spells – to banish all who stand their way.

The further your ninja progresses through the game the more experience points they accumulate. This in-game progress and collected experience can be leveraged or used as currency to unlock more powerful short-range and long-range weapons. Experience points also allow a player to buy ninja training sessions that increase their maximum levels of health and mana – the power to cast mystic ninja spells.

Ninja Ultimate was developed to provide an exciting and in-depth mobile gaming experience of unlimited scope in order to offer users the opportunity to face new and unique challenges every time they played. Multiple features including weapon and spell upgrades, diverse enemy characters, and the ability to perform combo attacks ensure that this one sword slashing ninja adventure with immense amounts of re-play value. Turn your phone into a silent battleground and learn the ways of the ninja today with Ninja Ultimate!.

App Features:

•• ‪Unlimited Levels‬
•• ‪Progressive weapon upgrades‬
•• ‪Progressive spell and upgrades‬
•• ‪Combo attack capability‬
•• ‪5 unique enemy special ninjas and enemy spells.‬
•• ‪Openfeint Leaderboard feature to scores online
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Oct 01, 2010
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