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    Ninja Hen has released... an endless runner, jumper, and flapper!!!


    ********** STORE DESCRIPTION ****************

    Be one with the Ninja Hen!

    Tap to Jump, Tap again to Flap and fly up.

    Careful... The Ninja Hen isn't the most *ahem* coordinated bird species out there, they can only fly briefly while their momentum is going up before needing to land (or collect eggs) to re-invigorate those little wings, aka Feathers.

    Swipe up to do a Chop Kick and bust your way through obstacles!

    Swipe down to fall quicker and stomp!

    Collect the Eggs for High Score! As you collect more eggs - the speed, different obstacles, and challenge will increase.

    Enjoy while listening to your own tunes. Compete for most eggs on leaderboards, or prove yourself worthy of 'Ninja' Status by collecting 20 eggs for 3 star success!

    Thank you , Enjoy! *** iAP (0.99) is for removal of occasional advert on death. Any support will be much appreciated and help with incoming free content! ***


    Unfortunately the Leaderboards are glitched now but has been fixed and will be in next update within the next couple weeks. Basically the Normal Mode Score is being reported to the Hard Leaderboard, and Hard Mode is not reporting score to Leaderboard. Everything else is solid.

    Any issues or feedback always welcomed. The advertisements are random on each death, and occur at a rate of roughly 20%.

    Hope everyone enjoys - I'll be tuned in to the feedback and requests.

    Thank you

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