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  1. merryweird

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    Jun 3, 2010
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    Hello everyone,

    [Night walker] is a running game,it's currently waiting for review.
    I'll share some screenshots and info about the game.


    At the same time control of two chracters!
    It will give the new fun and fresh.Seems to be difficult to do?
    For such a person next update is expected to be added to the automatic mode!

    Brighten up the road in front of character control!
    As time passed, the night is deeper.Grimmer eating will brighten the vision.

    More than 50 different random patterns!
    ready for more than 50 different patterns appear randomly give each new enjoy.
    and it will continue to be update.

    Upgrade system
    Upgrades will be able to enjoy the adventure more enjoyable.

    Another game modes will also continue to be update.
    Said first automatic mode and appearance of a new character,
    and users to create their own maps to the system!

    How to PLAY

    it's simple. Tap the jump to right behind the playing character and tap the jump to the left of the previous character.

    I'll be giving out some promo codes once it's released.
    keep your eyes on this Game!!

    Thank you!


  2. sammysin

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    Swansea, UK
    I still haven't tried Kerberos, but your work really intrigues me. Best of luck with this.
  3. ninjackid

    ninjackid Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2010
    This looks pretty interesting.

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