iPhone NIDRA - Restore your Aura. Rebuild your Harmony. Action Puzzle Game on iPad.

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    Hi All,
    Just wanted to share with you our first upcoming iPad Action Puzzle game called NIDRA. Enjoy!


    NIDRA - it's atmospheric action arcade with puzzle elements for the casual player. The purpose of the game: the player restores Aura and rebuilds Harmony by means of positive emotions - Emoticons.

    Gameplay Video : NIDRA | 1st Chapter Demo on the iPad 2nd&3rd generation

    Additional Information (Concept, ScreenShots)

    • Completely new action puzzle game experience
    • Unique audio-visual atmosphere
    • Levels with a boss level at the end of each chapter
    • Co-operative gameplay modes (Revival, Versus) for you and your company of friends

    Game release date: December 2012.


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