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    EA has reserved NFSNL's domain name 4-5 years ago. EA is buying various NFS domains to secure websites for the possible next titles.

    Based on a research made by VG247, next possible title may be:

    • Need For Speed Drift Kings
    • NFS Eliminator
    • NFS Overdrive
    • NFS Proven
    • NFS Red Line
    • NFS Showdown
    • NFS Street Kings
    • NFS Takedown
    • NFS The Run
    • NFS Time Attack

    Here's a screenshot of all the domains reserved by EA. This list is a bit outdated, but it's still a hint.
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    The Run and No Limits already exist. A lot of these titles seem to be like mini games, mobile games, or just generic names that EA didn't want anyone else touching.

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