GameQuartet -- Four new, casual games in one app!

Peg Solitaire * Boule * Sliding Tiles * Word Squares
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GameQuartet -- Four new, casual games in one app!

Peg Solitaire * Boule * Sliding Tiles * Word Squares

* Three unique puzzles, plus an unusual version of roulette
* Fun graphics and animations
* Entertaining sound effects (which you can turn off for discreet playing)
* No ads
* Games are challenging, but casual
* Helpful text prompts let you start playing immediately, while complete online help is a tap away for those who want the full details
* iOS 4 suspended mode is supported, so you can pause the app and then quickly resume play
* Game states are saved and restored, so you can pick up right where you left off

Peg Solitaire is based on a classic board puzzle that is traditionally played with small pegs or marbles. According to legend, the game was invented by a French aristocrat imprisoned in the Bastille in the seventeenth century.

The game starts with a single missing peg. You can choose which peg will be the missing one or you can shake the device to have the app remove a random peg, adding variety to your play. The challenge is then to remove as many pegs as possible by "jumping" them. When the game ends, it rates your performance and plays a few bars of either celebratory or consoling music.

Boule is an unusual form of roulette that is played today primarily in France. The goal of the GameQuartet version is to build the amount of money you start with to 00 or more. This is not an easy feat, especially with smaller starting amounts!

You place bets by dragging chips from the Chip Holder onto the green baize layout board. When you tap the Throw button, the classic wooden bowl appears and the ball is realistically animated around it. After the ball comes to rest in one of the numbered indentations, your losses are collected or your winnings are awarded. If your total chip value reaches 00, you win the game. If it ends up at

Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and delightful puzzles as you learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry.

Sequel to the Apple Game of the Year 2014, Monument Valley 2 presents a brand new adventure set in a beautiful and impossible world. Help Ro as she teaches her child about the mysteries of the valley exploring stunning environments and manipulating architecture to guide them on their way.


A STANDALONE ADVENTURE A completely new story from the Monument Valley universe. You don’t need to have previously played Monument Valley to enjoy Monument Valley 2.

INDIVIDUALLY CRAFTED PUZZLES Enjoy beautiful levels filled with illusory, meditative puzzles, using brand new interactions to explore the changing dynamics between characters.

CONTEMPORARY VISUALS Artwork inspired by an eclectic mixture of architectural styles, artistic movements and personal influences, each translated into stunning geometric structures.

BEAUTIFUL AUDIO Immerse yourself in uniquely melodic interactive soundscapes, tailored perfectly to every step of Ro and her child’s journey.


Monument Valley 2 is only compatible with devices running iOS 9 or later.

, you lose. You can adjust the chip value, as well as your new game starting amount.

Sliding Tiles is based on the traditional American sliding-tile pocket puzzle. In the original puzzle, the tiles are numbered from 1 to 15, with the 16th tile missing. In the Sliding Tiles iPhone game, each tile displays part of a graphic pattern, and you can choose which tile is the missing one. After the tiles are scrambled, your task is to reconstruct the original pattern by sliding the tiles. The game combines the visual challenge of a jigsaw puzzle with the mechanical challenge involved in moving the tiles to their correct positions.

Each time you tap the New Game button, the app generates a unique mathematical pattern. You might never see exactly the same image twice. At any time while you are solving the puzzle, you can view the full original pattern by scrolling the screen over to the right page.

When you slide the last tile into its correct position, the missing tile reappears. The app then displays the number of moves it took you to solve the puzzle and plays a few bars of congratulatory music.

Word Squares is a puzzle in which you are given 16 letters and you attempt to arrange them on a 4 x 4 game board to form a valid word square. In a word square, each row and its corresponding column contain the same word. The game is based upon the popular word square amusements that began in nineteenth century England. The concept is simple, but the game is surprisingly challenging!

You can choose from 30 unique games, each one supplying the set of letters required to create a different word square.

When you place the last letter in its correct position, the game ends and the app displays the number of moves it took you to solve the puzzle.

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