New York Secret Service

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    Hey there, It’s a great game that I'm sure you gonna like it: New York Secret Service


    New York 1955 - a dangerous and unpredictable city. Mafia has reached the peak of its power and the entire city was under its control. But quite unexpectedly, there is a new force capable to provide the opposition. A few days several mafia leaders suddenly disappeared. In place of the disappearance were found strange liquid.
    These events are extremely excited the citizens of the city. Also in New York, the children began to disappear! Reporters and detectives conducted his own investigation ....
    - Immerse yourself in the world of mafia
    - Exciting levels, history and story
    - Exciting mini-games
    - More than 20 colorful levels
    - Save your game at any time


    Download a free version of the game on the link:

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