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  1. tp015657

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    Oct 31, 2012
    Square recently teased Valkyrie Profile: Anatomia which later turned out to be a mobile game, how is it TA didnt cover this yet?
    For those that don't know, VP (later VP: Lenneth on PSP) was one of the PSone classics created by Enix b4 the SquareSoft+Enix merger that later saw a sequel VP2: Silmeria on PS2 under SE so Anatomia is the 3rd in the series.
    The series follows the story of the 3 goddesses of death sent by Odin to recruit the souls of the fallen mortals in preparation for the final battle of Ragnarok (Norse mythology equiv of End of the World/Time) so far valkyrie Hrist did not have her own game yet.

    VP: Lenneth was a 2D enviroment with up or down arrows on pad to go in and out of rooms the game is filled with puzzels as well as the iconic TBS battle system in enemy encounters ala FF.

    VP: Silmeria went 3D with beautiful animations and graphics for its time which resembled an early direction b4 Kingdom Hearts.
    Both games had memorable OST and characters as well as stories with multiple endings.

    Both stories put u in the shoes of said goddesses as you unravel the mystery behind them and how they came to be as well as their sad past up to the conclusion of breaking chains and learning the conspiracies of the gods not to mention the joy of learning the stories and events tied to the mortal souls as you recruit them to fight by your side.

    Love, betrayal, rebellion and over the top divine ish series if u may.

    Sorry for the rant but this happens to be one of my fav games (duh).
    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
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    Jan 12, 2012
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    I saw my friends posted this in facebook yesterday. Wasnt too excited. 95% chance this is going to be another freemium. It could be good and i will definitely give it a shot, but i wont get my hopes up too high, and either prevent a possibly huge disappointment, or cause a blown-away reaction.

    And yeah, i have finished the original VP on the playstation, VP Lenneth on the PSP, and VP2 Silmeria on the PS2, and played each one extensively.
  3. Dailon80

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    Nov 10, 2014
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    The cat is out of the bag now but I will be glad to play this game even if it's FTP but I will play it in Japan App Store
    All games that are square enix FTP in Japan App Store have been pretty fair to play
    I'm also a sucker for ARPGs especially ones by Square Enix!

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