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    Mar 18, 2019
    Hello TA Community ,

    We are proudly presenting you with our recent released new game -

    Ball At Work - A Physic Puzzle-Platformer game. Here is the link to the download page on Google Play-

    Experience the thrill of the high-flying antics of the Crazy Ball as it bounces around the dysfunctional office.
    Smash through piles of books, bring down the shelves, swing over the lights and sneak through the vents to uncover the path to goal!The simple controls make the game easy to pick up and play allowing the user to explore the environment and discover new tricks and strategies.

    As you navigate the obstacle course littered with water hazards and falling objects, look out for clever hints that are shown on the computer screens and on wall projections. If you still find yourself struggling in any level, just use some bonus slips and unlock a guide-path to show you the way.


    > Free to play, all the way!
    > 3 convenient control schemes
    > Balanced gameplay progression and fun physics
    > 44 exciting and challenging levels
    > New levels added regularly through live updates
    > Carefully selected soundtrack to set the mood!
    > New skins and more content coming soon


    Please feel free to share your feedbacks with us! All the feedbacks are much appreciated!

    Doublethink Games
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