New puzzle game 'Kittenball Prince' <Free>

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    New puzzle game 'Kittenball prince' is now available!

    'Kitten Ball Prince' is a puzzle game that is full of thrill and that can be enjoyed by everyone.

    However, it is difficult to archive the perfect score.

    Each time the game is over, the player is rewarded. You can collect the golds and purchase a powerful items.

    You can also complete a wonderful character collection. Now, shall we start our adventure with the cute cat prince?

    Wish you good luck!

    Key features of Kittenball Prince include:

    * A total of 90 different interesting stages.

    * Each castle has comical stories and hidden episodes.

    * Many different characters, each with unique features, which you get when you succeed in rescuing the princess.

    * Magic items each with a specific power.

    * Competition with Facebook friends in winning points.

    Kittenball prince is available from the App Store here:

    For further details, please visit:

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