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    Feb 20, 2014
    Hello everyone. I wanted to stop by and tell you all a little bit about our new and unique take on Pet Sims, Proxies. We have been on Amazon Underground for a few weeks now and seeing our player base grow. We have a lot of features most virtual pets do not have or haven't implemented in a way we liked. So we decided to make a virtual pet WE wanted to play. The game is made by two people, myself and Fredson Laguna. We are highschool friends who began working on this while we were in college. It took us 3 years, mostly because we had never made a game before and were learning as we went along. Below are some of our features, along with a ton of secrets hidden in the game to give players more of an incentive to play!

    -There are 3 species to hatch, each with their own evolutionary line depending on how you raise them.
    -You can customize your pets from a huge selection of accessories. Initially there are only a handful, but as you play Proxies and discover new features, more and more accessories will be unlocked. These include, two different space suits (3 piece outfits), a haz mat suit (another 3 piece), riot gear, hats, glasses, visors, secret outfits (can you discover them all?!) and much more. The accessories serve more than to just look cool.
    -Which leads me to another feature: Weather. In Proxies, the weather is dynamic and based on the season we are in at any given time. If it's raining, be sure to equip a hat or umbrella to shield your pet from the water and prevent them from getting sick. Too hot out? Give them glasses to shield their face from a huge selection!
    -We have crafting in game, though I won't spoil too much about this.
    -Animated backgrounds, with secrets hidden inside.
    -Your Proxies will display it's mood and cravings!
    -We are constantly updating Proxies, have already updated to match some requests from players around the world. We are currently working on a Halloween update which we will be announcing soon, along with more to come. Future plans include: New evolutions, new accessories (Duh), and new features that we haven't seen implemented yet on mobile. We are hoping you guys will check us out and leave us some feedback so that we can continue to improve and expand on Proxies. We are in this for the long haul as we continue work on our next game. Help us live our dreams by helping us be more visible through ratings as well as input. We just want to make a great game for everyone.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to read through this! Here are some screenshots and links!




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    I love how it's a premium game with no IAP kudos to you guys I have such a soft spot for virtual pets this is such an awesome little game :D. A few things: I never know my pet is sick or starving until it pops up onscreen a status bar/icon would be nice and my pet is also bored all the time how much do you have to play with them to alleviate the boredom ?
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    Thanks for the feedback! It does take some time with your pet before your pet is actually happy. We didn't want it to feel like most pet sims where you can play 2 minutes a day with your pet and immediately the pet is fine, we wanted players to have to build a stronger with them. It can take days, cleaning the pet when they poop or throw up, making sure they're always fed, and of course playing with them regularly.

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