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    Nov 30, 2015
    Hi Everyone!

    Hope all having a great time. I am just sharing one of my new games which is release for iPhone or iPad. Also I am wondering about the changes in Apple algorithm!


    Recently i have seen some major changes on Apple platform. They have changed their algorithm and I knew it but never thought it could be that many.

    • It seemed before for a new game there was a 1 week boost period when your games will continue to do well. I noticed now it's for the first day only.
    • Also the trending searches or search phrase changed a lot. I guess that makes things tougher for indie devs. My opinion though.

    I am guessing there's lot more changes than I know so Please share your own thoughts guys as I am really interested to know if there's any specific changes you guys know in terms of ASO.

    Lastly please download my game on your device and give it a fair love :D :p - Looking forward to getting some answers.


    Thanks a ton - Chat to you soon.


    Happy Developing!

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