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    Sep 24, 2012
    Just trying to get my map's popularity rating up so if anybody would like to test my map post here the times you might be on and i'll whisper you if i can be on at that time or you can whisper me/add me Character code 722/MatTaNg.

    Morphling Wars is 1v1 arena map where you micro a single unit which has the ability to change(or morph) into 10 different units. The object of the game is to quickly find the counter to your opponent's current unit and change into that unit in order to do the most damage. Unit changes are instant so you must react fast.

    However, it's not that simple there are also casting units like sentry's and Ravens which offers a twist in the game. These casting units have all their spells which you can utilize which allows you to be creative for example you can throw hallucinations in there and trick your oppenent or throw down a PDD, Feedback or EMP, whatever you feel like!

    Here are the 10 units you can morph into & their special abilities:
    1. Zealot
    2. Stalker
    3. Roach
    -Burrow heal NOT INVISIBLE!
    4. Sentry
    -Force Field, Hallucination
    5. Dark Templar
    -Slow, Lots of damage NOT INVISIBLE!
    6. Raven
    -Auto-Turret, PDD, Missile
    7. Viking
    8. Battlecruiser
    9. Ghost
    -Snipe, EMP
    10. High Templar
    -Feedback, Psi Storm
    If you need any more info about the map post here.

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