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    Gave the lite version a try.

    What kind of feedback are you looking for specifically?

    Some immediate thoughts:

    - Tilt controls need to be worked on in order to be polished enough for people to enjoy them. I worked insanely hard on NinjaBoy's controls, doing all sort of tricks and optimizations to them. If you find tilt too hard to calibrate correctly you might want to try a different control system. One question, why does the phone need to be flat before I start playing? You shouldn't need to do that to provide good tilt controls.

    - It's a bit hard to tell what can hurt me and what is just an obstacle, for instance some of the fish are just in the way, others hurt me. Not sure why.

    - Collision radius on the swimmer vs enemies is too big. I can get hit by an enemy that I am not visibly hitting, that makes the game more frustrating then it needs to be.

    - Be careful with the perspective of your scene. The ground doesn't look like I can swim beyond it, yet the first board requires me to go down there to get all the pearls.

    - Ease players into the game, the first board in the lite version is pretty tough as a first board... the first few boards should be insanely easy... like one pearl and the clam, no enemies

    - When you add enemies add them with a purpose. Consider the mechanics of the swimmer. Right now he can more up, down, left and right. Think about the things you've taught the player and then challenges you can present them. And don't teach them through words or instructions, give them challenges that subtly teach team. So, if you've taught them in a few boards how to collect things, give them a challenge on the third board the really tests their collections skills -- maybe there is a monster that eats pearls and you have to collect them quickly before they are all eaten, or a current that sucks the pearls away, or the pearls are timed, or the pearls are in a fishes mouth and you have to snatch them out. Then teach them something new, like dodging enemies, then get them to show mastery over it. Then combine the two elements, etc, etc.

    - You "win condition" is all or nothing. That can be frustrating for players. You might want to consider multiple layers of win conditions. Stars are one common way to do that, but there are many others.

    - Art style... I think you'd be better off doing something simpler. Perhaps you're a mining ship that has to collect raw minerals from outer space. You can easily apply a simple 8 bit style and make some great retro art that will look much better and be easier to do then an underwater scene which to be honest is super hard to pull off well.

    Okay, I hope that helps a bit, congrats on your first title, so few people even ship one. Keep at it!

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