New iOS chess variant (release EOM)

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    Sep 14, 2012
    We like to say if you like chess, you'll love Chesstrap and if you don't like chess you'll still love Chesstrap. I can personally vouch for the second statement as "non chess player" myself.

    ChessTrap is a variation of chess with a two level board with random (or fixed if you prefer) traps and springs that move pieces between levels. It moves a lot faster than chess and IMHO is more fun. In random mode the playing field is leveled between players of different skills. In the fixed mode, a second level of strategy with back doors all over the board is opened up for those who can play several moves ahead.

    if you're not into chess, still check it out. We build it out in full 3-D which is pretty sweet and also added some novelty pieces. When you play across the cloud, your opponent will be able to see the set you chose. After release we will begin to add many more novelty sets and are working on some character licensing deals we think many will love.

    There is a youtube video posted below showing live game play in an iOS environment. Take a look and leave us some feedback.

    I am happy to answer any questions about the game or the development.

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