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    Fun and easy-to-learn accelerometer game, Jewels Maker!

    Do you need a game showing off iPhone’s something-different interface to your friends?
    You just wonder how young and fresh your brain is? And you want to compare it with your friends? (Sense of equilibrium is closely related to brain’s age)
    You need a game that you know how to play three seconds after grabbing the iPhone?

    Jewels Maker is the game for you.

    You don’t need to touch the screen. Just incline your iPhone, and the ball will roll – very realistically. You don’t need much explanations to play this game. It is just realistic and intuitive, you just know how to play on grabbing this game.

    Dodge the evil jewels & corners and Bump the good jewels, Your ball will get bigger and your pleasure will either.

    Show this game to your friends, This game is great for playing with your friends.
    OpenFeint support.


    - Simple & great interface using iPhone’s accelerometer sensor
    - Realistic ball’s roll movement - accelerate and stop so naturally - based on real physics model.
    - Various stage map’s structure – use it to your advantage wisely.
    - You need young brain – especially cute sense of equilbrium - and strategic thinking to get higher score.
    - You can change ball’s movement speed.
    - Every stage has bonus stage, For five senconds, your ball become invincible, Roll your ball as fast as you can and bump good jewels as much as possible
    - Clear the stage, you can unlock the next stage.
    - OpenFeint support
    Your high score is saved and ranked on leader board.
    You can invite your friends and compete with them.






    AppStore Link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jewels-maker-lite/id393280366?mt=8
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