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    Jan 18, 2015
    Hi, I am looking to play some new IOS games, that have just been released / or getting released soon.
    How do I find out what top games are coming out?
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    You can:

    Click on the "Hot Games" link to see what games are most popular on TouchArcade currently.

    Look in the 'Game Discussions' forum for the Game of the Week poll, which lists the latest releases for people to vote on. This is currently run by UnDeadCow. It's a stickied thread, so it appears near the top.

    Browse through the iPhone/iPad or Android forums to see which games people are talking about today.

    This thread is for discussing upcoming releases:

    Check the front page TouchArcade articles, on the "Main Page".
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    Hey jayjaymozza, we've recently released Strategic Defence availableon iPad, which is a more strategy based take on the classic Tower Defence, with completion of primary and secondary objectives across the map.

    Check out the discussion on a another thread on Touch Arcade for some of the member opinions/reviews so far:

    UK App Store

    US App Store:

    There is a lite version, so hope you check it out, and we'd love to know what you think:

    * Available for iPad
    * No in app purchases
    * 25 missions
    * 20+ hrs of gameplay

    Debbie from the 2Desserts team

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