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    Hi TouchArcade Community,

    I'd like to give you a sneak peek at our very first game. It features our new Yumby characters: What's really cool about our game is that it will eventually incorporate a level builder so players can build and share their own levels right on their device.

    Here is the bare-bones for the initial US release on Sept 20th, 2012.


    - Title: Yumby Toss
    - Developer: PlayGearz
    - Location: San Francisco
    - Release Date: September 20th, 2012
    - Platforms: iOS (iPhone & iPad)
    - Press Kit:
    - Video:
    - Facebook:
    - Twitter:

    Promo Codes are available upon request.


    Do you love tossing cute creatures into dangerous places? If so, you’ll love Yumby Toss, a wild game of skillful throws and heroic blows! Explore 5 amazing worlds and 45 levels of destroying Gobbler forts and reaping the rewards.


    “I don’t get it” - the game designer’s Mom
    “Best game to hit this bus since 2010. Makes traffic a breeze.” - Bus Driver
    “Cute and quirky at every turn…” - An Imaginary Newspaper
    “Where did my money go?” - Our Angel Investor
    “One wild ride!” - A Guy on a Roller Coaster

    We look forward to hearing what you think!

    James Taylor

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