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    Strategy Rome in Flames


    Review: 4 / 5 stars - pockettactics

    "Like a regiment of foederati, Strategy Rome In Flames is cheap and rather good. What it might lack in trimming, it makes up for in pace and a sprightly AI. I came, I saw, I liked."

    "It’s Odoacer’s Panzer General or Theoderic’s Wesnoth; to-the-point hex-based fun that ameliorates strategic laboriousness through simplicity, limited unit caps and timed objectives."

    * Designed to work on all Android devices. Mobiles and tablets. Android version 2.3.3 is a minimum.
    * Eight scenarios in the full version (one in the FREE version + 4 turns in scenario 2 from version 1.0.2)
    * Two campaigns (one in the FREE version)
    * The units are transferred with the gained experience to the next scenario in the campaign
    * Experience points, which level the units. Levelled units have higher attack and defence values
    * Your score for each scenario is saved and also your total score for the campaigns
    * Saving of your highscores
    * Zooming features by pinching the screen or clicking the zooming buttons
    * Well performing AI. For instance the AI protects its weaker units with the stronger ones
    * Autosave at the start of each turn
    * Several ways to play each scenario, by going in different directions on the map with your army
    * Large maps on all the scenarios
    * Sounds and music. You can turn off music or/and sound if you want to in settings in the game
    * Several difficulty levels to choose from
    * AI playing speed can be adjusted to fit your liking
    * Overviewmap window where you can get info about the map and current ongoing game
    * On the main window of the app you see a map over Europe and where your army currently are
    * The game has been thoroughly tested and bug fixed for many months

    More detailed info:

    The full game comes with two different campaigns:
    Anglosaxon Campaign
    Visigoth Campaign

    This is a turn based strategy game, in which you play as one of two barbarian groups fighting against the Romans in the year 408 AD. The Western Roman Empire is falling apart and it is your task to contribute to the collapse of it.

    The AI in the game is very challenging and the scenarios can be played differently depending on where on the world map you choose to lead your troops. You conquer roman settlements and this gives you gold and increases your game score.

    The game also includes some role playing features, since your units gain experience and reach different levels. A higher level means higher attack and defence values. Furthermore, your units will be transferred from one scenario to the next, and that is how you come to benefit from the experience your units have gained.

    Anglo-Saxons came by sea to Britain from the european continent.

    As the Visigoths you will start in roman Illyricum at the Adriatic coast and you will fight Roman forces, until you reach the walls of Rome in central Italy. Vae victis!

    Rexopax Software
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    If anyone have questions about the game just email us at:

    (the game is also available on the App Store)

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