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    May 18, 2019
    I started developing at the end of December last year and finally released the game !!

    Wouldn't the idea be fun if you put your character in a brick breaking game? I started with a simple idea.
    But after some development, I tried to play… …

    ‘야… Did you really think it's too simple? ' Frustrated (OTL)…

    We gathered internal feedbacks and added content and changed the way for about two months.
    I really admire those who are really good at making games. ㅠㅠ

    Because the game is familiar, I looked at it smoothly. Through Robobrix, I felt that the game was never a good thing.

    Robo Bricks is a growth brick breaker game that combines the character growth method with the simple method of the existing brick breaker.
    Each character has different main skills and man reps skills, and you can grow them in your own way of playing by combining and combining runes.
    Blocks coming out of stages are also different so it's not easy + _ +

    We will also add the ability to switch between PVP mode, boss battles, and two characters.

    Empower me to put more and more content !!!
    If you play once, it's a great power. ^^

    Thank you!!

    구글 플레이 ▶Download
    애플 앱스토어 ▶Download


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