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    Nov 3, 2014
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    Hello to everyone!

    We would like to announce Lab Cave is developing a new video game for both iOS and Android.
    Robber Race Escape is a racing game, where you are the robber.
    Jump in the car and drive as fast as you can. You have just robbed a lot of money, tension is getting higher and now cops are chasing after you… How could you run away from them?
    Speed up and dodge the obstacles to resist the longest time you can. This is an endless race, which means the further you go the more you want to hold on.
    Grab the Power-Ups to become invincible for a time when you will be able to crash into the police and all the obstacles!
    There is also a multiplayer function that allows you to play against your friends and other players from all over the world.

    There are more games:
    Google Play:

    Thank you very much.

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