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    24s Fun Trivia Download Now! ;)

    This game app is a Trivia game based on 3 different game modes: Trivia, Memory & Guess.
    Trivia consists of a question and a multiple set of answers and you need to choose the correct one.
    In Memory game mode you are required to memorize a number of items from a set which are displayed to you, then write them back down.
    Guess is a type of game mode where you need to guess the type of object hidden behind a set of blurred tiles.
    The good thing is that all game modes need to be completed within 24 seconds :) !

    Compare your scores with your friends and try to beat 'em up. :cool:

    device-2016-06-16-001747.png device-2016-06-15-181325 - Copy.png device-2016-06-16-001823.png device-2016-06-16-003745.png device-2016-06-16-010226.png

    2 of the game modes (Trivia, Guess) are also based on 2 chosen categories out of a possible 8, being, General Knowledge, Science, Sports, Arts & Literature, Language, Geography and History.

    Score points as you go along and challenge your friends with better timings. 24s Fun Trivia has also got another great friend feature: The Challenge Mode - where you challenge your friends to a a game of 24s. Beat your friend head to head by gaining the upper hand in the number of game modes achieved within a limited amount of time.

    Monitor your statistics through your 24s personal monitor - it will tell you in which category you are the most proficient; how many games you won/drawn/lost against your friends, success rate and much much more!!

    So what are you waiting for ? :p Feel free to download 24s Fun Trivia on Google PlayStore & let us know your feedback :D

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