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    Aug 5, 2014
    Jake Adventure, another platformer but much different.
    Exciting gameplay, more beautiful maps and much funnier.
    Easy to play but hard to master!
    It’s a very addictive game.


    Jump as high as you can.
    Take all the coins and gems to get 3 stars on each level.
    But be careful with the enemies on the street, they’re trying to attack Jake.
    Challenging boss fight on each world.


    Jake Adventures is a story about the adventures in the dream of Jake, a little kid who is on his way to find and save his mother and younger sister from the witch. His family was living happily in a forest with a good weather and his mother’s delicious ice cream. But one day, when his family was playing on the dreamy hill, suddently, a witch appeared and kidnaped his mother and younger sister. Jake was so sad, his father got sick because he missed his wife and his little daughter a lot. From nowhere, A fairy appeared and gave him a map which guides the way to save his mother and younger sister. But that was an evil plan of that witch. What was that? Let’s find it out!


    _ Jake Adventures is compatible with all Ios and Android devices.
    – Well-designed graphics.
    – Beautiful sound effects.
    – Many worlds and levels to explore.
    – Easy to control.
    – Challenge and help your friends.
    – Share your score on facebook.

    Jake Adventures Full Version will be released on **12/19/2014**
    Now, you can join this event, follow the instruction to download the Beta Version.
    Link for event:

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