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    Jul 22, 2021
    We are MEGAWORM GAMES, a two-person developer.

    I'm greeting you for releasing my first game, 'Crash Knight'.
    It's a hypercasual genre game, and it's a game where the game is played in a flash.

    Crash against people from all over the world and achieve the best record.

    【Crash Knight?】:)
    ·Easy game.
    ·There is nothing to raise and worry about.
    ·You may not be able to sleep because of the desire to win.

    [Which game?]
    ·Play lightly with anyone with simple manipulation!
    Just press the rudder key and the crush button.

    ·The game is simple, but there is customization.
    You'll get it naturally when you play, so think about what to wear!

    ·Many servers!
    Use optimized local servers to compete with your friends.

    When you acquire a 'gift box' that appears in the Tip. field, you get amazing special effects.

    Google Play Store:

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