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    Feb 21, 2015
    What is Air Force :-
    A branch of the armed forces concerned with fighting or defence in the air.
    No matter if you tried and didnt got selected in the air force, you can play this game
    and have a kind of feeling that your dream come true :)
    Apart from this, Air Force, a fighting game, is filled with high quality action,
    that keeps you engaged and lets you forget any activity, that might be bothering you in your surrounding.
    Air Force is a never ending air battle, where your enemies pop up again and again and you are tested with your
    skills, can you survive them?? what would you do if you were in the real air force unit.
    Air Force game, is so much visually appealing, and a genuine eye candy.

    I bet you would be amazed by the level of physics, this fighting game has, and its never easy to import it
    to mobile platform, because of amount of controls it requires, dont worry we have simplified all controls, isnt it great :).
    Air Force, is equipped with a Air fighter - F16 Raptor and keeping it as classic as world war II`s.
    These air raptors are equipped with grenades, missiles, and guns, to ensure that your
    air battle continues with force, without any lacking feature.
    One main feature that keeps this air force fighting game from others that might be available on playstore, is
    its awesome artificial intelligence, so enemy knows your location where you might be flying, you cannot fool them.
    Move the fighter plane to end a brutal and never-ending war.
    This most addictive action game will make you forget the time.
    Air Force -
    is Award Winning next-generation air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics alongside great
    audio, effects and awesome gameplay.
    Features in Lite version:
    * 3 Great Missions
    * 24 Different Enemy Types
    * 3 Unique Planes
    * Numerous Upgrades and Special Weapons
    * Amazing Lighting and Special Effects
    * Orchestral Music
    * 3 Difficulty Modes
    * Arcade and Survival Mode
    * Realtime Physics
    - Flight Controller
    - Combat AI
    - Weapon System
    - Weapon AI
    - Weapon Features
    - Modern aircraft indicator
    - Radar System
    - Camera sway

    Download At:-

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    Jan 13, 2015
    nice game dude! looks challenging hehe..thanks for sharing this! im gonna try it as soon as possible :)

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