New Escape the game: Doors&Rooms

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    The objective of Doors & Rooms is simple—escape from a series of rooms. The game's famous
    predecessors include 100 Floors and Doors, but Doors & Rooms is more than just an escape

    Escape has long been a favorite theme in the Korean gaming industry, and Doors & Rooms is
    developed with our accumulated knowledge and experience in that area. It's highly engaging
    and entertaining.

    In addition to different difficulty levels, Doors & Rooms is equipped with item composition
    and dismantlement systems to add interesting twists to the escape genre.

    We are planning to update special chapters and hidden rooms in celebration of special
    occasions and holidays.

    Doors & Rooms will set new records in the free game category in the appstore.

    Doors&Rooms Will be released in the first week of September.:)




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    Looking forward to this one

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