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  1. hi everyone,

    i am glad to show you today that i just opened a collaboration with deimos (nickname) and Artist and me Patrick Balestra Programmer. Our indie developer team name is Balza Games. We have already finished to develop our first game Cluster HD and Cluster and at the moment we are in the beta testing time!
    We hope our first game will be on the Ap Store in 2 weeks.
    We already working on several new game (around 1-2) and we hope you will enjoy all of them.

    please follow us:!/BalzaGames

    Thanks a lot for read this :D
  2. racingspider

    racingspider Well-Known Member

    Two weeks? Really? Wow. I must be extremely slow - maybe it's the day job, or family at home, but man - two weeks?

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