New Dash Platformer & Space Invaders Hybrid [Free Beta]

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    Jul 19, 2018
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently looking for beta testers to join the Open Beta for Upside Dash.
    It's a one-touch arcade platform game where you mix a hand of cards to change things like your size, gravity and speed for tackling various terrains and liquid types.

    You can also compete against friends socially or on the world scoreboard using Google Play Games.
    Here's a couple of videos:

    Upside Dash - Insanity World Complication

    Upside Dash - Game Trailer

    Upside Dash Game Features:

    ★ Simple one-touch mechanics.
    ★ 1 million parallel universes.
    ★ Mix up to 16 upgrade cards to create the ultimate dash combination.
    ★ Unlock new alien worlds with varying speeds, orbit rotation & gravity forces.
    ★ Defeat challenging enemy bosses.
    ★ Share your results with a single tap.
    ★ Compete against friends or rise to fame on the world score board.
    ★ Skip & replay your favorite music tracks.
    ★ Sync sound FX to music with the new Level Lords Sound-Q System.
    ★ Predictive camera styles & lots of options.
    ★ Play offline without internet.
    ★ 5 difficulty levels.
    ★ Chilled & smooth or super fast speeds that create adrenaline.
    ★ Shoot missiles, heat seeking lasers & play action cards to power up.
    ★ Dash, spin, & flip gravity with addictive one-touch game-play.
    ★ Planetary Liquid Types - Slime, honey, salt water, lava, acid, jelly & more.
    ★ Space rocks & moving platforms.
    ★ 3D effects & lens distortion, starting from planet Ice Fire.

    More features on the way...
    The recommended difficulty level is Expert, see if you can handle it full speed ahead.

    The beta is available now on Google Play:

    All constructive feedback welcome and appreciated.
    Please send comments to [email protected] or simply reply to this post.

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