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    New calendar app TimeBlocks.

    Day2Life’s product June is a calendar-meets-to-do-list app that puts mobile first with features like drag-and-drop and task alarms. It syncs with popular calendars like Google, Outlook and Apple as well as Facebook and Evernote with a sleek user interface in an aim to make time management seamless for users.

    Founder Wonil Park, a former robotics research engineer for LG Electronics, said he’s been working on this idea for the past four years. The team dumped its first product, which didn’t take off well with Americans, two years ago and micro-pivoted when it realized that the major platforms didn’t have great mobile interfaces.

    That is certainly true with Naver Calendar, the main calendar in Korea and a buggy piece of s*** that users have grown frustrated with. Locals gave June 220,000 downloads without any marketing during its year of testing, with 81,000 monthly active users and an 80 percent retention rate, according to Wonil. With the global launch this year, the calendar app is available in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese on both iOS and Android.

    June’s success hinges upon the bet that those major players like Google and Outlook won’t develop something cooler before the app really takes off. “I think we’re early to the market and are validating the hypothesis” that a mobile scheduling solution is needed, he tells Tech in Asia. “We want to focus on solving the core problem.”

    After a month of meetings, 500 Startups scooped up Day2Life for its January 2016 batch, which Wonil hopes will help it grow really, really fast before fundraising.

    “We chose that startup because it really focused on mobile calendar management, and I think there is room for mobile calendar management,” says Haley Kim from the firm’s Seoul office, which opened in April. “We think there’s room for disruption, and they’re really good at product.”
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    Is this a game or what.

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