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    I have a couple concerns regarding Netflix, the first of which is activation on my iPhone. How do I go about activating the Netflix app using my iPhone? It says I need an activation code for my device, so I open the app and enter my email an password, but it tells me this information is incorrect when I know it's not. I assumed this wa because it wasn't activated yet, so I searched around the website and found nothing, so I'm at a loss for what to do. I would appreciate some help from someone who's been through this before.
    My second concern is, when my trial is over, is it worth it to purchase the DVD shipping for an extra $2 a month? How often is it actually needed and would it be worth my while to have it shipped to my college dorm?
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    I love Netflix. Regarding your code issues, I have no idea. I activated mine on my xbox 360 and everything worked fine. It brought up my system code, I went to and put in the code and wallah it worked. And since, has never asked me for any kind of code on any other system (I have it on the 360, PS3, computer, and iPod touch). So I don't know why its a deal but call their support if you have any issues.

    As far as the DVD's go, it really depends. Some movies and TV show seasons just arnt on on instant stream (namely like Dexter season 3 & 4) so I found the DVD portion really useful, but I use more instant stream than anything. It works just fine.

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