Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind

Netflix, Inc.
Available exclusively for Netflix members. A new season of "Love Is Blind" is in flight! It's your turn to find love, r…
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Available exclusively for Netflix members. A new season of "Love Is Blind" is in flight! It's your turn to find love, romance and drama in the pods. Customize your character, choose your story and take a shot at true love in this interactive story game based on the hit series. You're the newest contestant on "Love Is Blind." Try the social experiment for yourself and date several mystery suitors in pursuit of true love. Choose your story and decide: Is love really blind? CHOOSE YOUR STORY, CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER • Customize your character before you step into the famous "Love Is Blind" pods on your journey toward love and romance. Choose your outfit, makeup, hair style and more! EVERY CHOICE YOU MAKE LEADS TO LOVE, DATES AND ROMANCE • From your first "Love Is Blind" date to a romantic engagement, your love story depends on your choices in this interactive story game. Will you choose to meet as many love interests as possible? Or will you spend your time building deeper connections on dates and turn up the romance? ROMANCE, RELATIONSHIPS AND DRAMA IN THE STYLE OF "LOVE IS BLIND" • Just like in "Love Is Blind" the show, the journey to love in this interactive game will have plenty of dramatic twists and turns. Will you help people get together? Or sabotage a relationship in the name of true love? Influence the decisions of your castmates through your choices, and watch the juicy drama unfold. MORE STORIES COMING SOON • Netflix Stories puts you at the center of your favorite shows and movies. Step into the world of your favorite show and interact with the characters as you immerse yourself in our interactive story games. Choose your story and dive in. • Choose your story, design your character and enter a world that's uniquely yours. Love, romance, friendship and drama — we have it all. Welcome to the world of Netflix Stories. - Created by Boss Fight, a Netflix Game Studio.
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Genre:Role Playing, Simulation
Release:Sep 26, 2023
Updated:Oct 26, 2023
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