Nest on the treefor iPhone,ipod touch &iPad is coming soon

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    PS: it’s an universal version (for iphone, ipod touch, iPad)

    Do you want to create a learning atmosphere of Chinese for your kids?
    Do you want your kids speak the words like “one”, “two”, “three” by their own?
    Do you want your kids master numbers easily?

    Nest on the tree aiming at taking children back to nature and improve their memory with uncanny workmanship of nature.

    A Mother Bird built a nest on the tree and laid 20 eggs. Although she was busy looking after her babies, she never gave up her dream to be a teacher. After thinking it over carefully, finally she decided to teach children numbers with her babies. And her class begins!
    Now, you pat on the screen and Mother Bird will direct her babies to array in varies numeric shapes. Then she’ll show kids Arabic numerals, Chinese and even English words and corresponding numbers of eggs. Children will learn to count, recognize, write as well as pronounce those numbers with pronunciations. What’s more, she picks out a cheerful background music which can improve children’s memory. While children are addicted to nature, they can master 1 – 20 both in English and Chinese happily and easily.

    With Nest on the tree, teaching children numbers won’t be a difficult job any longer. Let your children join Mother Bird’s class right now!

    || KEY FEATURES ||

    - numbers written in Arabic numerals, Chinese, English
    - corresponding numbers of eggs
    - with pronunciations
    - improve children’s memory
    - teach kids to count, recognize, write and pronounce numbers
    - vividly images
    - cheerful background music


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    Ants Band:
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    || CONTACT US ||

    Twitter: @eseedo
    Skype: eseedo
    Sina Blog:
    Sina Twitter:
    163 Blog:
    QQ Twitter:

    This app is coming soon!

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