Android Neon Flytron - Flying cars in cyberpunk city

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    Neon Flytron

    Feature Graphic 1.jpg

    Find yourself driving a flying car, speeding through the cyberpunk city!

    Dive into this fascinating neon world! Dodge traffic and moving bridges, fly between trains, and through giant fans. Use a shield to avoid obstacles. Watch neon signs passing by your side, while you rush forward.

    • Amazing graphics immerse you in that neon world of cyberpunk.
    • Dynamic and unpredictable gameplay won’t let you get bored.
    • Customizing your car allows you to express your individuality.
    • Smooth steering with just one finger provides comfortable playing for anyone.
    • Fascinating electronic music makes you feel in the future.
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    The game is in development, your feedback is really important for us!
    We’ll be happy to hear your opinion.

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