Universal Neogen Fallout

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    A gloriously engaging and absorbing interactive piece of art. Not just one for the eyes but for the ears also as the soundtrack demands your attention as you feel the beat of the music deep in your soul – Crank up the volume!

    Neogen Fallout is a pure, minimalistic arcade game with neon lights, fluid gameplay and high speeds and all interacting as one with the mesmeric visual style and accompanying music.

    Match the neon figures with the cells in the bottom and test your reaction in the abstract city of neon lights, shadows and glorious effects.

    “Impressive visuals only add to the absorbing and addictive gameplay”

    “Delightfully fluid and a gorgeous sounds as you are immersed into the game”

    “Neogen Fallout, not to be missed, truly a feast for the eyes and ears”



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