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Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by shefich, Nov 4, 2016.

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    I think the graphics are very well done and the music fits well with the colorful layout. I got confused on how to proceed at the end of the tutorial and accidentally finished the level, but gameplay was clear after that. The only thing I would personally change are the icon and screenshots in the app store. The little blob character would make me think it's a kids' game at first glance when it's really good for all ages.

    I'm no expert on game promotion and am just figuring that out myself (I just launched my first iOS/Android game using Unity Personal), but I'll share my experience so far. Here are some sites I've tried: - You can pay $100 for an unbiased review, and it really is unbiased. They're honest about anything they don't like. They send you the review for approval before publishing, so you can always improve and ask for a re-review if you're not happy with the first round. The paid review also gets your app on the front page of their site for a week. - They offer cost-per-install app promotion, but it's Android only. Apparently Apple banned the CPI promotional model. The downside is the user is getting a paid incentive to install your game, so many might not play it and might uninstall it quickly which lowers your rank in Google's ranking algorithm. You're gambling that enough of the paid users will be enticed into playing the game and end up liking it. I would start with a small number of installs and wait to see if the users stick with it. - I would stay away from these guys. They offer the same type of CPI promotion as AppBrain, but their prices are much lower. I decided to give them a try figuring it couldn't hurt. I started the promotion running at night and let it go until the next morning. Before I started my average Google Play rating was 4.5 and the promotion dropped it to 3.8. I figured out based on one of the 1-star rating comments that the service was frequently stiffing users on the incentive they were supposed to get for installing the app. The users retaliated by giving my game a 1-star rating since it's all the same thing to them. There's no way to remove bad ratings once you get them.

    Hope this is helpful, and good luck with the game!
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