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    May 22, 2013
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    hello im using an iPad mini updated to 8.0.1 which I've been reading is the last update I can have to still use the nds4ios app. But when I try to boot the app up the screen goes black for a second then the app just shuts off and takes me back to my homes screen. As far as I know it should work fine, I read it was update 8.1 that fixes this and makes it no longer work on non jail broken devices. My iPad mini is not jailbroken and I intend to keep it that way. Can anyone tell me why it's not loading up and just shutting down back to the main screen? I've had this app installed for quite a few months, do I need to delete it and find a new one, more up to date one somewhere? I tried taking the clock back, but I didn't know how far to take it back, so I took it back to February 1st, it won't let me change the year. So at this point with update 8.0.1 (not the new 8.1) thanks for the help ahead of time. If you want, to ensure I get the help you send me a private message on touch arcade as well as just commenting here. Thanks again.

    Oh and B.T.Dubs my user is dbagga84 for the private message.
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    Change the date way back like to 2012 and then try and see if it works. Also double check you are not on 8.1.
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    Wasn't this pulled down and never replaced?
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    Its back up on iemulators

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