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    Do you need the ultimate challenging game in parties?

    Do you seek for the number one Spin The Bottle application for your iPhone and iPad?

    Do you want to play the best Truth or Dare game?


    It’s time to get nasty...

    Nasty Bottle HD is the nastiest "Spin the Bottle" and "Truth or Dare" game on the world! Playing Nasty Bottle you can unleash your imagination and create a great atmosphere with your friends! Just spin the bottle and complete the various truth or dare challenges that will appear! For the lovers of classic values, Nasty Bottle provides also a version of the classic spin the bottle game, in which players can spin the bottle and decide their own rules. Nasty Bottle is the ultimate ice-breaker for parties, especially when the players are both men and women. Try the unique "Sex Mode" raise your libido to the limit!

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    • Three unique play modes:
    · Spin mode, where players can play the classic "Spin the Bottle" game
    · "Truth or Dare" mode, where players can play the "Truth or Dare" game
    · Sex mode, which is a Truth or Dare game with extremely hot challenges!
    • Over 600 challenges
    • Variety of bottle and terrain themes
    • Cool background music
    • Nice sound effects
    • Fully interactive bottle movement according to the player's finger movement
    • Both for the iPhone and the iPad


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