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  1. Justine Advenworks

    Jan 27, 2020
    Hi toucharcade people,

    My small team and I would like to introduce you our beloved game. We are working on it for 2+ years now, and it's finally released on Android. Our game is Loop - The distress call. I already made a post in the iOS topic since it was iOS only, until today :)

    What is Loop about?

    You receive a distress call from Ensign Althea Young. Her ship is malfunctioning and locked on a collision course with a brown dwarf while the rest of the crew is compromised by a mysterious sickness. As the Investigator, you must unveil the mystery behind this situation and help her save the ship before it’s too late.

    What is unique about Loop?

    * 1000+ different paths and 20+ unique endings

    * Your bond with Althea matters: every response has a crucial impact on the different possible paths & endings.

    * Every exploration choice matters: some choices, which can seem insignificant at the time, may have a huge impact later.

    * We banned simplistic bad/good responses and decisions. You must take Althea’s state of mind, your findings, and the global situation into account.

    * Althea sends you messages in real-time on your device when you’re away. You can answer her directly… or not.


    Full pitch, video gameplay, and screenshots

    Twitter page

    Instagram page

    We are excited to finally release it! :) Please follow us if you find our game interesting and if you want to follow the news :)


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