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    Jul 11, 2016
    Good day, dear forum visitors.

    We need your help. We are trying to choose the best name for the game made for appstore and google play.

    Our game is PvP arena in the setting of Combat Robots' strike. The action takes place on the Earth, in the near future (50-70 years).

    Huge war machines with guns, rockets and lasers are ready to fight each other. In this game allies and enemies are just ordinary people with their fears and hate. One can win only by destroying all the enemies. To achieve this goal you will have several dropships, and an opportunity to explore and update your own machine of death in a different way.

    Just choose the variant you find more suitable for the project in google play and appstore.

    We will be glad to learn why you consider this or that variant the most suitable one. We will be very obliged to you for you help.

    Our website is going to be something like this.


    Here you can find some more art to understand the atmosphere of the game.

    Exo Tech
    Steel Guardians
    Steel Battalions
    Mech Wars
    Mech Time
    Mechanical Domination
    Black Mech Down
    Down of Mech
    Giant Mechs
    Giant War Machines
    World of Mechs
    Full Metal Warrior

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