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**A Brand New, Handcrafted Interactive Fiction Gamebook** With a robust world built from the ground up by a team of writ…
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**A Brand New, Handcrafted Interactive Fiction Gamebook** With a robust world built from the ground up by a team of writers passionate about a rich and vibrant world, there’s plenty to do. **Multiplayer** Mythion Adventures gives the option to play alone or with up to two other people, allowing you to explore every facet of the story at your own pace, or while being urged along by your friends - for better or worse. **Page-turning Storyline** If your Dungeons and Dragons group hasn’t been able to decide on a time to meet for the last six months, or if you just like to read and immerse yourself within a world that’s not our own, Mythion Adventures is for you. A text-based adventure with easy to grasp gameplay and a powerful story, you will soon find yourselves connecting with the various characters. The strong and cautious Rozen, the quick and flippant Maalik, or perhaps the knowledge-hungry Erwan. All have their reasons for exploring the Grieving Moor together, and you’ll be able to find out what those are month by month. **Ever-Expanding World** With a team of long-time D&D players at the helm, plotlines and locations have been planned out long in advance, no matter where the party’s travels take them. Years’ worth of rich, exciting content planned out, with more already on the drawing board, this is a constantly growing fantasy story. As with every tabletop RPG, it’s best to have plenty of locations for intrepid players to explore. You and your friends will be able to interact with the world through how you guide a trio of adventurers to their journey’s conclusion - and beyond! **You don't need to buy coins with us. A simple subscription works.** Unlike other mobile games, the only incentive to spend money is purely for the love of the story. Choices aren’t locked behind a paywall, basic gameplay isn’t hindered by not paying. For the cost of a paperback book each month, you unlock the entirety of the Mythion Adventures gamebook content, both past and upcoming. One adventure with branching paths and an intense conclusion is released each month, as well as two short stories building out the world of Aulain and its many interesting side characters. **And finally, we hate ads too.** That’s why there aren't any. Enjoy your journeys through this ever expanding interactive adventure gamebook. Happy adventuring! Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:
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Release:Jul 16, 2020
Updated:Oct 20, 2020
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