Mystic Land: Ava's Magic Quest

Vanilla b.v.
Hey human :) I’m Ava, one of many Lumies, which live in the dazzling Dream Valley. Our community is all about light, th…
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Hey human :) I’m Ava, one of many Lumies, which live in the dazzling Dream Valley. Our community is all about light, that spreads love, compassion plus all the good spirits to humankind. Without it, we wouldn’t be alive. And even worse - the whole world would be ruled by darkness, hate and cruelty. Let me tell you a little bit about ourselves. Each Lumi contains an essence. For example love, hope or humor, which makes the world a better and happier place. In other words, each of us represents positive energy, and with the help of light, we transfer this energy into the human world Unfortunately, something terrible happened in Dream Valley. A dark shadow stole all our light diamonds, which provide us with energy. Moreover, it put heavy grey clouds on our valley. And now, all my fellow friends fell into a deep sleep. They need those bright diamonds, to wake up again. You may ask yourself, why am I still awake, when the rest of us is sleeping? I was born with a light diamond inside of me. Thus I don’t depend on them. I contain the essence “light” within myself. Why am I telling you this? All Lumies, except me, are sleeping. That means they can’t spread their essence to humankind. Love, hope, comfort, warmth, friendship, and many more spirits will be gone. When my friends don’t wake up soon, the world will lose it’s light and will be doomed with bitter darkness. Dear human, we need your help to save my friends and your world. You do this by collecting all the light diamonds in the shaded Dream Valley. But be aware of the traps, which the Shadow set up. There are light destroyers flying around, which disguise as flying blocks. You must avoid them by any means! If you touch them, we fall into sleep immediately. Do you want to know more about the story? How and why did the Shadow enter the Dream Valley and put the Lumies into a deep sleep? Let me start from the beginning. One night a stranger came to our Valley. We had never seen a creature like this. It had no actual body. It seemed like a thick dark cloud levitating over the ground. Because we are a welcoming community, we ignored its spooky appearance and offered the stranger to stay for the night. The creature didn’t speak a word. We tried to get to know him and asked various questions, but it didn’t respond. We thought, maybe it was just tired, so we decided to go to sleep and try our luck the next day. On the next morning, I woke up in my favorite cave in Dream Valley. It’s a secret cave and nobody else knows about it. While I was heading back home to start the day, I noticed that something had changed. The light seemed different. It wasn’t as bright as it used to be. It looked like grey clouds were hanging in the sky. I knew something awful must have happened. Immediately I thought of the shady guest we had welcomed yesterday. When I arrived at the Twinkie-Square nobody was there. That was odd. Lumies never oversleep. I started searching for my friends everywhere. While I was calling out their names, I saw my friend “Hope” sleeping under a magnolia tree. I failed to wake her up. As I walked further, I noticed all of my friends are sleeping and unable to wake up. “What is happening?“, I asked myself. While I was looking at the grey sky I noticed that the light diamonds disappeared. I immediately knew that we were in trouble! Somehow the Shadow must have stolen them. Now I knew why my friends have been sleeping. Without the diamonds, they have no energy and can’t wake up. As I told you at the beginning, I wear a light diamond within myself. That’s why I am awake, and they’re not. Now it’s our mission to fill the diamonds with light again!
Seller:Vanilla b.v.
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Release:Aug 05, 2018
Updated:Aug 17, 2018
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