Embody your character and discovers its secrets. Experience real time mischief! Make your own investigation by collectin…
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Embody your character and discovers its secrets. Experience real time mischief! Make your own investigation by collecting information on the other participants and by analyzing clues sent by the app. Take part in surprising turn of events and be the exclusive photographer! Plan now your Mysterius party! (5 Mysterius games available | Number of players : 2 to 50 | Duration : 1h to 3h) To win, simply accumulate the most points by quickly voting for the culprit and by correctly answering the questions related to the information revealed during the game. The culprit of the mischief will have to mislead the other players to collect points. We developed Mysterius games to include any type of player: The reveler, to those who wish to take on challenges, to interpret characters, to WIN or simply to get together for an unforgettable experience. Advantages of the application: -The application Djeanius records the participants gaming history and then selects the least lived scenario for the whole group. This means that several alternative endings are found in the same Mysterius game. -In a matter of just a few clicks, you will be able to send out invitations, manage registrations, contingencies and late arrivals. Paper not required. -The characters assigned to absent players during a Mysterius game will become virtual ones so as not to penalize the players who are at the rendezvous! -The organizers of the game can also take part in the game like players because nothing is revealed to them in advance… -The application adapts its games according to your profile. Your game preferences previously determined in the application will optimize your gaming experience. -You are free to conduct your own investigation how you like. -The application contains some music and sounds, creating an atmosphere favorable to the action being performed by players. You want to win and want to know how? Throughout the game, you will be able to collect points in different ways. The winner will be the one with the most points!   Here are several ways to accumulate points in a Mysterius game:  - Find the guilty character Bonus points for the one who vote for the culprit first! - Get the title of best costume There's nothing better to dive into a role-playing game than to dress up! - Get the title of best performer All dressed up, why not play the character all the way? - Sow doubts among other players The player who is the culprit must hold the least votes at the end of the game to earn points - Answer correctly to quizzes But be careful, a wrong answer can reset the point counter!   To win the game, finding the culprit is not enough! Participants will have to use strategy to proclaim themselves as winners! Play now and for free the crazy story of mad scientists… The Torpor Concoction Gather 2 or 3 friends and make the experience of this Mysterius game! Other specifications The games will be available in two languages for the moment (English and French). We intend to increase the number of languages in the near future. The application needs the Internet connection at your fee. Follow us on our social media Facebook Djeanius: Facebook Mysterius: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Site Web: Subscribe to our newsletter:
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Sep 25, 2018
Updated:May 03, 2019
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