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    Jul 11, 2014

    i want to introduce my new app Myostanize.

    Imagine there is following situation: It’s Chestday-Monday and you are in the gym. First you do your favorite exercise: bench press. Now you have the problem that you don’t exactly now, how much weight you did the week before, let alone how many reps. Afterwards you also don’t know which exercise to do now, so you decide to do butterfly. Again you have no idea, how much weight and how many reps you should do or did the week before. After the workout you directly take a protein shake, because you know by trainers and friends that you have to drink one directly after every workout.

    To solve this problems and fallacies you have the opportunity to use the new app “Myostanize” by CodeDigitals. Now you have the possibility to give your workout a real structure. With our training plans based on your goals and body type you will be able to set the optimal stimuli. See exactly, how much weight and how many reps you did before and orientate to this. Based on diagrams you are able to see exactly, how you improved yourself from workout to workout.

    However, Myostanize offers much more than just training plans. You get tons of information relating to training and nutrition. Depending on the training plan and purpose you can select a suggested eating plan, to which you can orient yourself. Based on your data, we will calculate your individual calorie needs. What you need to consider in each diet, is explained in detail to you.

    As if that would not be enough, you will constantly receive new facts, so that gradually all myths around the topic of fitness should disappear.

    Myostanize – because discipline is everything!



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